Victim Testimony

Over 1 O years ago I was struck by a drunk driver and my life was dramatically altered. I was the victim of this heinous accident, and the driver was declared responsi­ble for all of my medical expenses that have skyrocketed well into the seven figures. He has paid none of them, and as a result, I am being further victimized by the collec­tion agencies that call and regularly harass me. 

Out of frustration and a desire to get a fresh start, I hired bSquared Credit. My credit scores had dropped from the 700s to the 400s, and I knew I needed professional help in getting my credit health back on track. In 6 months, bSquared Credit was able to clean up 80% of the deroga­tory items on my reports, which increased my scores back up to the mid 600s. They also provided me valuable coaching to help me continue to take actions that would further raise my scores on my own. I was thrilled to be able to get approved for an unsecured credit card again.

Unfortunately, my newly improved credit health was short lived. When I reviewed my credit scores again about two years later, I realized six new medical collec­tions had been added to my credit reports. Even more frustrating – most of these collections were over seven years old, and the collection agencies were adjusting the age on the accounts to make them look newer in order to keep reporting them, which I now know is illegal.

When I called bSquared Credit again, Nicole and discussed completing more credit repair and having her continue to monitor my credit quarterly for the next two years- that way, if any new collections start reporting, they can quickly address them through their credit bureau dispute process.
Thank you so much, Nicole and the bSquared Credit team, for helping me with my credit so I can have my buying power restored. My goal is to buy my own home and I’m confident that I’m on my way to achieving my purchasing goals.

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