Here’s How Our Partnerships Work:


1: Refer Your Client To Us

Send an introduction email to your client and cc us at We’ll provide your client a free credit consultation with a step-by-step customized improvement plan.


2: Focus on Closeable Business

We will complete the necessary services to get your credit-disqualified client to their improvement goals while you focus on your qualified client. We’ll share monthly updates on your client’s progress so you can anticipate when they’ll be ready to qualify for their home loan.

3: Finalize the Loan

We will refer your happy client back to you so you can complete their desired loans – putting money in your pocket and your client in possession of the loan they need!

100% Referral Partner Satisfaction

Nicole and Brent are the best in the business of repairing credit and supercharging fico scores….They are second to none…They have helped my mortgage clients boost their fico scores 50 to 100 points in a few short months for a very reasonable fee. Look nowhere else: they are the real McCoy’s …..All the other companies are pretenders and steal your money after making false promises….They will tell you exactly what needs to be done to boost your scores and/or fix your credit….Every single referral of mine has been happy with the outcome.  

✰✰✰✰✰ – Louie @ Chevron Federal CU – Yelp


The feedback I have gotten from my clients has been spectacular as well. This is essential for me because when I give out a referral, it’s my reputation hanging in the balance. I’ve never once been disappointed with the service or results they have achieved for my clients.  

✰✰✰✰✰ – Eric O. (Previously @ Movement Mortgage) Now @ HomeServices Lending  – Yelp


As a mortgage lender, I review credit reports daily. Often times, my borrowers have negative items on their reports they didn’t even know existed, which have brought their scores down, impacting their interest rate, or even preventing them from getting approved for a home loan. When I come across these situations, I have no hesitation in recommending Nicole and Brent at bSquared Credit. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable, maintain excellent communication, and get the job done. They also offer very reasonable pricing for the service they provide. Integrity and transparency is an added bonus...

✰✰✰✰✰ – Kaitlin.S. @ Synergy One Lending – Yelp


 bSquared Credit is the best!!!!! They got rid of all my derogatory marks within 45 days and my credit went up over 100 points! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a credit repair company. I know they won a lifetime customer out of me and I will be referring everyone I know who needs help with credit repair to them. Thanks, Brent, Nicole, and the team! Couldn’t be happier!  


✰✰✰✰✰ – Chris C. @ HomeStreet Bank- Yelp



I own a mortgage company, and this is the only credit repair company I recommend for my clients to use. Most credit repair companies are little more than a gimmick, designed to lock you in for a long-term and keep charging you monthly. bSquared Credit is the complete opposite! They will only charge clients for a shorter term, which gives them the incentive to get the job done quickly, which they do. Also, if a client doesn’t need their services, they don’t try to sell them anyway. Once again, they put the client’s needs first.  

✰✰✰✰✰ – Daniel C. @ Homebridge Financial Services- Yelp


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Our Commitment to You

Our Distinction

We are not just a credit repair company; we are a credit education company. This distinction is core to our success and our interaction with clients. As we repair, we aim to teach and equip disqualified clients to not only achieve, but also maintain their credit related goals

Our Partnership

We work hard to earn your repeat referrals by being responsive, ethical, and effective. We will provide you estimated completion timelines and monthly progress reports so you’re prepared to move forward with the loan when the time is right.

Our Experience

Our management team alone has more than 35 collective years of experience in credit scoring/ predictive analytics, debt settlement, loan underwriting, and fraud management. We are experts who truly understand how to resolve credit issues.

Our Results

Over the past several years, we have perfected our credit repair techniques and client education strategy to produce truly exceptional results. We consistently maintain the highest client satisfaction ratings in our field.


Friends & Partners

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