3 Simple Steps to Get Started

STEP 1: Digitally Sign Our Agreement.


Click the button below to review and digitally sign our agreement, provide your desired start date and select your desired pricing terms and level of service. 

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STEP 2: Provide copies of your identity documents.

The credit bureaus require the following documents:

  • Drivers license (alternative documents include: gov’t issued picture iD I.e. passport, military ID, state issued ID card)
  • SS card  (alternative documents include: A gov’t document listing your full name and SS # such as a W2 or the first page of your IRS 1040 form showing full SS #.
  • A bill or statement verifying you get mail at your current address  (Note- skip this step if your driver’s license or tax document has your current address.  Acceptable documents include auto registration, credit card or loan statement, and/ or a cell phone or utility bill).  Submission options: text 619-931-5190, email, fax the documents to 800-604-0270, or upload them securely by clicking here.


STEP 3: Call Us at 800-604-0270 and provide your payment card information.

Your payment card data will be used to: 1-Set up your Identity IQ credit monitoring service so we can refresh your credit reports and scores every 40 days in order to provide you detailed summaries of our repair progress. Note: Identity IQ must remain on during repair for us to provide you progress reports. Our client’s discounted monthly rate is $19.99, after the 7-day trial expires.  When repair is exhausted, we will send you cancellation instructions.  2- Schedule your credit repair service fees.