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Below Are Some Common Questions We Get Asked.
What Services Does bSquared Credit Offer?
bSquared Credit offers credit repair and student loan modification services to help clients with their financial, credit and student loan issues so they can attain financial freedom

How Much $ Is Bad Credit Costing Me?

The cost of credit repair is small compared to the cost of living with bad credit. Below are a few mortgage examples showing bad credit costs you thousands in interest fees!

Home Loan Example 1

$500,000 30-Year Home Loan

Credit Status

AP Rate


Interest Paid

High Credit Score 760+ 3.588% $2,270 $317,148
Slightly Damaged 660-679 4.201% $2,244 $380,336
Damaged 620-639 5.177% $2,738 $485,844

If your scores increased from 620 to 760 you would save $168,696!


Home Loan Example 2

$200,000 30-Year Home Loan

Credit Status

AP Rate


Interest Paid

High Credit Score 760+ 3.588% $908 $126,859
Slightly Damaged 660-679 4.201% $978 $152,134
Damaged 620-639 5.177% $1095 $194,337

If your scores increased from 620 to 760 you would save $67,478!


How Many Ways Does Bad Credit Hurt Me?
Your credit can 1- affect your chances of getting the job you want, 2- lead to marital issues and divorce, 3- prevent you from getting the clearance you need for military or gov’t jobs and 4- cause financial hardship as you will pay higher interest fees and higher insurance premiums.
Why Should I Use bSquared Credit To Fix My Credit?
bSquared Credit will help you achieve financial freedom by repairing your credit as well as providing you very valuable knowledge so you can maintain great credit for years to come. We guarantee to deliver high credit scores, clean up your credit reports, and help you obtain financial freedom in the shortest amount of time. We deliver double the industry average in negative deletions in half the amount of time.
How Do I Get Started?
It all starts with a free credit consultation, which you can request by calling us at 800-604-0270, emailing us at info@b2cr.com or filling out the contact form by clicking here. We will review your credit reports and credit improvement goals and formulate a customized plan for you- for Free!
How Long Does Credit Repair Take?
Clients will see progress within the first 30-40 days.

The average person with 10 inaccurate, misleading or obsolete items on each credit report should be prepared for 6-months of credit repair to fully exhaust the process. This is half of the time of most credit repair companies!  

How Do You Remove Bad Credit?
The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires creditors and collection agencies to provide validation that what they are reporting is accurate.  If they can’t, which most can’t, then the credit bureaus are required to remove it and not allow the items to be reported again.  We are experts at working with Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax to ensure their data is accurate and VERIFIABLE! Sure it may be accuarte but, if it can’t be verified then, it can’t be reported.
How Can I Get A Credit Card?
It is not unusual to not be able to get an unsecured credit card with damaged credit. The accounts you may be approved for will typically have higher rates, low credit limits, and have higher than normal penalties and fees for things like late payments. We provide our clients coaching on credit building and how to maintain each current account to help drive your credit scores up in the shortest amount of time.
Why Are My Credit Scores Different?
There are different brands of credit scores so most of the time consumers who pose this question aren’t comparing apples to apples.  FICO brand credit scores are what 90% of lenders use to make loan decisions about us.  The other brands of credit scores, such as Vantage and Credit Xpert, are great for consumer education but, not trusted and used by lenders.  These predictive models use different weights to determine risk.  Read more about credit scores.
What Makes Up My Credit Scores?
Credit scoring is based on many factors that may include:

  • Amount of available credit
  • Payment history
  • Recent requests for credit
  • Amount of credit currently being used
  • Length of credit history

Note: Under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act credit scoring may not use gender, marital status, national origin, race, or religion as scoring factors.

Will I Get Results?
Yes. We set very realistic expectations during the consultation and only enroll clients in our services that we are confident will benefit from our services. We have an average deletion rate of 80% which is double that of the industry and we do it in half the time!
How Can You Help Me With My Student Loans?
Let us help you manage your student loans by leading you through the rehabilitation, consolidation, and payment modification processes.
Why Should I Consolidate my Student Loans?
If you have ever been past due with your current servicing company we will be moving you over to a new servicing company and your existing servicing company will be paid off. This greatly helps the chances of removing the past lates through our credit repair program. We process all the required documents on your behalf in order to ensure the tedious, time-consuming documentation is completed correctly and timely to full fill your modifications such as loan consolidations.

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