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“I was referred to Nicole Soares by a friend that gave her a glowing recommendation so the bar was already set pretty high. Nicole and her team exceeded my expectations with eliminating outstanding student loan debt. Although their work was still in progress when we closed on our home, there was tremendous improvement in my credit score! Our dream home is a reality and for that I am truly grateful.”

- K. S.


“I was completely overwhelmed by my credit debt and low credit score. It was actually very haunting and depressing. I literally told a friend that I wish I could find a service that would just take care of all this for me. He told me about bSquared Credit, and said after working with Nicole and Brent he was able to qualify for a home loan in six months!

I feel like I won the lottery with this incredible team. Customer service is HUGE to me. Nicole treats people as they wish to be treated, respected and important. Credit repair is a scary thing for a lot of us, and she made it an absolute breeze. My score was negative and in the mid 500’s. Nicole and her team brought my score up to a positive 700 within six months, and now it’s 749! This has given me a great feeling of accomplishment. I am proud of my incredible score thanks to bSquared Credit’s coaching and support. Thank you so much! This wouldn’t have happened without you all!”

- Erin T.


“My banker told me about bSquared Credit when I was looking to help my husband repair his credit. His credit had suffered greatly when he lost his job and we couldn’t afford to keep up with our credit card bills. From the very beginning Nicole was very helpful and responsive to my questions. Brent kept us updated and informed throughout the whole process. In six months my husband’s credit score went from poor to excellent. In fact his credit score is now higher than mine! The results exceeded my expectations. This service was worth every penny and I highly recommend to anyone needing credit repair.”

- Turath D.


“I’m very pleased with the service I received from bSquared Credit. The staff was professional, knowledgeable, and always accessible. They explained what services they could provide and the likelihood of success. The process was quick and easy to set up. All I had to do was keep them informed of any changes that might affect my credit. My credit situation was complicated with multiple real estate transactions erroneously dated and recorded. In my case they were able to remove 26 out of 28 errors from all three credit bureaus which exceeded my expectations. One item was even removed two years early! I’m confident bSquared Credit can help you solve your credit challenges and achieve your goals. There is no way I could have done this alone. Thank you again for all your help.”

- Matt


“Fast & excellent service and good advice. Would use bSquared Credit again anytime, if needed.”
-Bi G.


“I mismanaged my money from the beginning of adulthood- taking out loans and credit cards and not paying them back. I lived check to check, had less than 500 credit scores and was so embarrassed as I felt like I couldn’t get ahead.  I heard of bSquared Credit from a family member who used them to fix her credit so I made the call for help.

Working with bSquared Credit was absolutely life-changing. They were so helpful and walked me through their recommended plan.    They led the whole repair process and after 6 months, my credit scores were in the 680s. I achieved score improvements of 180+ points! My husband ended up using their repair services too.  In less than 12 months we ended up getting married and we bought our first home together.  Thank you for giving us a fresh start we so desperately needed.  We couldn’t have done it without you!”

- Heidi C.


“By the time I began my law career I was already drowning in debt. I had incurred over $150k in student loans and over $40k in defaulted credit card balances. I was eager to get my credit and finances back on track so I  could invest in a home.  I tried to clean up my credit using do-it-yourself techniques but, they didn’t work and my credit scores remained in the low 500s.  My CPA recommended I hire a credit professional, but every representative I spoke with sounded like they were reading from a script, and I didn’t feel like they really cared about me or understood my credit goals. I felt like they were more interested in taking my money than helping me fix my credit.

That’s when I found bSquared Credit on Yelp. One phone call connected me directly to Nicole, one of the company’s owners, who listened intently to my needs and created a customized credit repair strategy for me. Brent sent me regular progress reports and taught me easy credit building steps I could do on my own to further drive my scores up. They were incredibly encouraging and empathetic, relieving the shame I’d been feeling for so long. Even after all the work was done, and my credit was repaired, they continued to be available to answer my credit questions.

Now, 1.5 years later, my credit scores are over 800, and I couldn’t be happier and more excited! I’ve managed to pay off 100% of my student loans, obtained two credit cards which I pay off in full every month, leased a new vehicle for 0% interest and I bought a home for my son and me that has increased in value over $50k in just six months.   Thanks to the bSquared Credit team, I can take pride in my credit and I now receive premium pricing on whatever loans I apply for. Having great credit has given me a tremendous sense of freedom and security, and those are things I can now share and pass on to my son.”

-Wehtahnah T.

Yelp and Survey

“bSquared did an excellent job of clearing up my credit issues and did it in a timely manner as well as professionally. I felt as though they kept on top of my issues and often contacted me when I really wasn’t expecting any updates, this is telling me that they were not just accumulating me as a customer but really were following through on what they said they would do to improve my status.
They got the job done and I appreciate the guidance they gave me through the process. Brent and Nicole are two professionals that are difficult to find in todays business climate.
I highly recommend their services.”

-Gregory C.


“The team has been extremely helpful in helping me consolidate my student loans and aiding me with ways on improving my credit. Their customer service is amazing! Nicole always responds promptly to all my questions and concerns. Service and work is also completed at a very fast rate. I will definitely recommend their services to everyone! They’re your credit ally!

My credit has now improved and derogatory marks have been removed :)”

-Sarahi F.


“I don’t write many reviews but I couldn’t resist giving bSquared high marks in fixing my credit problem. I was the recipient of a nasty little credit card fraud that lowered my credit rating from 775 down to 620!  In a short two months they were able to raise my rating back to a decent mid 700 range. Thank you so much bSquared”  

- Henry H.


Outstanding, friendly services…. extremely low cost… and most importantly EFFECTIVE!!!! I couldn’t get a $500 credit card six months ago, now I’m in escrow on my home!”  
-Jason W.


I can not say enough good things about this company, they helped me fix my credit which is still in the process but within 5 months I have seen a big change in my total credit score which helped me get a loan to buy a house. Using this service was the best thing I could have done for myself and I am so thankful for what they have done for me and are still doing.  They are extremely professional and willing to help in any way possible. Thank you again.”  
-Brian H.


“Thanks to Nicole (who by the way was very quick to respond via email) I now have a great financial plan which will increase my score quickly, she gave me great advice on which cards to close and which to keep and why and for a very reasonable price she was able to guide me in the right direction! Thank you so much Nicole, you’re awesome!”
-Ms. P K.


“Unbelievable service!! Nicole helped me fix my credit and answer all of my questions along the way, I highly recommend her and bSquared!”
-Brittany D.


“My husband and I wanted to buy a house but our credit was not up to par not even close. We worked with Brent and his team for about 6 months cleaning our credit-They helped us remove inaccuracies and showed us what we needed to pay off. After our credit was clean they stayed with us and gave us advice on what types of credit we should get to rebuild credit. We still contact Brent 2 years after and he still helps us with any of our credit questions. We have a house now. We couldn’t have done it without Brent and his team. We cannot say enough good things about them!”

-Callaye E.


“Brent and Nicole are the best in the business of fixing credit…..Second to none…They have helped over ten of my mortgage clients boost their fico scores as much as 100 points…..I sent one of my clients to them and this is what they did: they negotiated for a $5700 lien to be waived and removed and boost her credit score by 75 points. She saved over $10K in discount points and she was crying over the phone after what Brent and Nicole did for her. They are the REAL MCCOYS…..Look no further.”
-Louie A.


“This review is really overdue. bSquared Credit is a great company that helped my scores jump over 100 points. I had the pleasure of working with Brent and Nicole who are the two heads of the company. They not only cleaned up my credit but got me ready to purchase a home. Now my husband and I are homeowners and we are so pleased with the help they were able to provide. If you are a person looking for credit help from a company who has proven results and actual people you can ask questions to, and not get the run-around, I highly recommend bSquared.”

-Teresa J.


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