About Us

Meet the Business Owners: Brent O’Connell and Nicole Soares 

We at bSquared Credit are industry experts who are committed to helping our credit challenged clients to relieve their financial burdens. It’s great to see their joy when they achieve their credit improvement goals and the heavy weight of poor credit is gone. 
Unfortunately, poor financial management, reporting of inaccurate data to the credit bureaus, as well as unforeseen life events, have caused a lot of credit challenges that we at bSquared Credit can fix.  We strongly believe all consumers deserve a fresh start and the benefits of having great credit and we are here to help. 
There are so many unethical, dishonest repair companies so it’s hard for consumers to know whom to trust.  We at bSquared Credit offer honest, low-cost services and have the highest levels of customer satisfaction to show for it!  We have earned this superior rating because we do the right thing for our clients and consistently get great results.  

Are you ready to improve your credit?