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oMeet the Business Owner: Nicole Soares 

Nicole Soares is the CEO and Owner of bSquared Credit, and a nationally recognized credit expert. Spanning a career of nearly 30 years in the financial services industry, Nicole’s expertise includes credit scoring, risk analytics, and fraud prevention and detection.

Starting as a high school student, Nicole began her career at Bank of America in Phoenix, Arizona. During her 13-year tenure, Nicole held various positions in the Collections, Credit, Credit Risk Management, and Fraud departments, during which time her interest in credit scoring and her passion for helping credit-challenged consumers took hold.     

Nicole was subsequently recruited by Fair Isaac, a leading analytics company and the creator of FICO credit scores. After the company relocated her to San Diego, she spent 5 years as a Global Product Manager and Strategic-Customer Client Partner. Nicole was responsible for using risk analytics to solve challenging fraud and security problems faced by FICO’s financial services clients located in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. She was recognized for her expertise and success in risk scoring, and became a featured speaker at leading industry conferences — including FICO World, the company’s annual conference for its worldwide financial services clients. After leaving FICO, Nicole consulted with start-ups and consumer-driven companies seeking to use risk analytics to improve business results. 

An entrepreneur at heart, in 2011 Nicole co-founded a company dedicated to providing “hands-on” credit repair and coaching services to credit-challenged consumers. Thus, bSquared Credit was born. Today Nicole is the sole owner of the company, and in addition to overseeing its day-to-day operations, she continues her work helping clients improve their credit scores and modify their student loans. She has also built a network of referring partners, including Realtors, loan officers, and other professionals. In fact, nearly half of the consumers referred to bSquared Credit comes from loan Officers who want to help their clients qualify for home loans at the best interest rates. The results have been impressive. By adhering to bSquared Credit’s proven programs, participants are achieving more financial flexibility and freedom, and better lifestyles… they’re becoming their own credit heros!

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